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EWI4000s not produced any more? What a pity! Possibility of a softsynth with EWI4000s sounds?

I received the news that you do not produce the EWI4000s wind controller any more. It is a shame because it is such a great instrument (in my opinion the better alternative to EWI USB and 5000). My question: Are you planning to create a new EWI with this analogue sound? Or (if you are not)... Is it possible to publish the EWI4000s internal synth (with vyzex editor) as softsynth? That would be great! Thanks!
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  • Hey Meister Wind,

    Thanks for posting!

    Announcements about updates and new releases are not published here on the community forum. If you are interested in hearing about new information from the company as soon as it's released, here are a few ways that you can stay ahead of the curve:

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    With all of that being said, we appreciate your interest in our company and will continue to strive to improve on our products and customer experience. As always, I am happy to forward your feedback to our team for consideration :) Be sure to submit this as a feature request directly to the Akai team as well!

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    Thanks for your feedback!
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