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Exporting Pattern To Audio Problem

Hey Guys, I have a problem with the akai MPC 2.3 software plugin in Pro Tools (Latest version).

I come from maschine and have now started using MPC X which I love! Great machine and setup.

But one thing I loved in the Native instruments Mascine was the ability to make a pattern and drag and drop it in my Pro Tools Session using the plugin.

I found a similar feature in the MPC plugin, up in the right corner i can convert my pattern to a audiofile and drag and drop it directly into pro tools. so far so good!

But if I want to drag only the kick, and then the snare, then the HIíhat etc, when I click convert to audio on the icon I still only get the first audio (in this case the kick) even when I solo the snare, or the hihat. the only fix i've found is to make the plugin inactive and then make it active again and then convert the next sound.

Am I missing something or is it supposed to be this way?
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  • Hey Oscar,

    Thanks for posting!

    Yes, the way you described it is pretty much how it's going to work. However, you can explode a track into its individual parts from the Track menu like in the image below:

    If you do this, each drum voice will be assigned to its own track. Keep in mind that this can affect track order so take that into consideration if you are stacking sequences in Song mode.

    I hope that helps!
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