I have had an incredibly overwhelming month of aggravation with the MPK261, but I have finally got it Perfect!! I'm so Freakin' Happy, One of the main things that bothered me was the lack of Auto Map software, cuz in their Ad, it says "deep software integration" & "designed to be an ALL-IN-ONE controller" implying some sort of Auto Map, Direct Link style software to control Plugins, control surface, etc. Anyway, you know what I realised about that style of doing things, each knob/fader can only control one perameter at a time (far as I know-theres prob work-arounds) but what if you want to control, 3 or 5 parameters with a single knob? So after much painstaking work, research, trial & error, & ranting on here, I finally made it. You see I tried it with Ableton, with Bitwig (I like their preset-automap-config), Cubase Logic..etc. All the problems I came across I ended up finding solutions for (check my other posts) like Loop not working, tap tempo not controlling DAW etc. All solved. But anyway, after much ado, I ended up choosing Logic, almost chose Cubase, but because of the Tap Tempo control (using Pad16 Bnk D-Actually I have all of Bnk D mapped to controll stuff) Tempo Fader (environment layer & object) the ability to toggle mute/solo/arm record on & off (properly-not the way the file from AKAI came, but so the lights on when its muted/soled/armed & off when not-took tweaking in Controller Assignments) & the ability to control more than one parameter with a single knob/fader (also environment layer) & the fact that you only need Bank A for Volume/Pan using Fader Banks which allows for "Pick up" so the values from previous faders don't cause jumps/spikes) I chose Logic. The Environment is the ish! It allows you to controll anything with midi.That & the Pick up Mode (not the setting in preferences-same outcome tho) allow the MPK2 series to work like a real control surface. Now everything works like its supposed to. The part that really bothers me still though, is that the people at AKAI could've done all this already (since they know what the MPK261 does better than anyone, or they should). So I've decided I'm going to do a tutorial/Instructions and put it with the necessary files in a download & put the link here when its done. I mean the MPK261 I have ROCKS now, for compostion/production, live performance, even to record 8 audio tracks at once. I can control the tempo with a fader/knob..lol! I can use logics Tap Tempo & the MPK261 responds accordingly being synced to Logic so the arpegiator/latch/note repeat all work perfect. I almost never have to touch my mouse or comp keyboard when creating, only when it's time to edit, once my template is loaded, I don't touch em at all, I browse my presets/patches, navigate through tracks, make new tracks & set the sounds, tap the tempo I want in, set the Loop/Metronome/Quantize, play & record all from the MPK261. After loading my preset (which I'll include in the download) I don't touch a mouse or comp keyboard til its Arrange & Edit time. Then back to MPK261 for Mixing & Automation/FX. Its a pleasure now, I was so disappointed at first and for the few weeks it took since I got the MPK261 to get here, but man its worth it, & I want to prevent the needless suffering of others by doing the job AKAI should've done & get that download together and post the link, it'll take a while to write the Instructions/tutorial but I'm gonna do it. I also have really close version for Cubase as well I will also post, probably later tho. I got Cubase very close to the way it should work with MPK261. So I figure why let all that work go to waiste, a few hours writing an Instructions & I'll post that as well, but as far as 100% fully working exactly the way you think it should, Logic is by far the Best! In my opinion, if I find a way to do a Tempo Fader in Cubase (Don't think Cubase has real Tap Tempo, you have to click with your mouse...lol, but if I find I can do all this in other DAWs, I'll check them out then, but for now, it's Logic that really lets the MPK261 shine like it was supposed to, IT FREAKIN ROCKS!!!
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