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Fader expansion for MPCX

Dear Akai,

As a longtime owner and user of Akai products, I come here today suggesting an addition to the MPCX that would truly make it the centerpiece for music production for any studio while still permitting the MPCX to remain as mobile and standalone as it is today.

You may fear that this may become too expensive for your user base but, making this system modular would make it very attractive for producers, musicians that would like to expand for additional control what already is a great product.

The Idea would be to build an expansion for the MPCX that would incorporate an 8 channel mixer on the side in a modular fashion where one would remove the end cheek for one end an attach the mixer and installing the removed end cheek on the other side of the mixer. People would have and additional option of adding a second expansion for a total of 16 channels for mixing. Along with each expansion I would suggest a screen the width of the expansion and lower that the touch screen currently on the MPCX or however you would see appropriate, that would serve both as a meter bridge as well as a controller for effect parameters, etc.

P.S.: This would also compete equally with Pro Tools and Logic Pro x with one advantage. The Akai sounds far superior.

Carlos Pacini
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  • Hey Carlos,

    Thanks for posting!

    I think this is a pretty neat idea. While this solution isn't as glamorous as what you've suggested here, you could try using a MIDImix for some extended mixer control. The MIDImix can be mapped to the faders in the mixer in your projects and the MIDImix is small enough that it won't get in the way.

    That being said, we do encourage all user feedback so I would encourage you to submit this as a request with the MPC 2 Software's built-in feedback module. The feedback module is represented by a smiley icon at the lower right side of the software next to the browser icons. This information goes directly to the Akai team for consideration!

    If you need an alternative method of submitting feedback, you may use the following links:

    MPC - Submit a Feature Request

    MPC - Submit a Bug Report

    Thanks for your feedback!
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