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feature request: improved MIDI controls on Advance keyboards

I've been mapping some presets on my Advance so I can use it to play some of my hardware synthesizers and there are some improvements that come to mind:

1. I'd like to be able to label the individual MIDI cc controls so I can remember what they do. There could be a user labeling section (using the same data entry method as is used to save set-up presets would be okay) in the individual knob set-up screen under the MIDI section so each knob is labeled. Otherwise I have trouble remembering what each control does.

2. I could use some more banks of knobs for MIDI control. Four banks, just like for VIP would be a good start, although why not make these, and the VIP banks, be unlimited in number.

3. Sysex and NRPN functionality would be useful.

One of the reasons I like the Advance is its hardware MIDI functionality in addition to being a controller for VIP, so it would be great to have an update to this functionality.
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