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First Impressions of LIVE

New to the forum- just saying hi!

My MPC Live arrived on Friday and I happily spent all weekend tapping away (mostly in stand alone). So far so good- I've spent a lot of time with my old 2kXL so the workflow was pretty relatable to me. One thing- I'm amazed at how many of the most talked about feature requests I've run into after just three days with Live... most notably: pad note assignments & playing back streamed audio clips as these are critical to my workflow.
I capped the weekend off by creating a song out of 5 different sequences with the MPC doing the following all at once:

1. sending out MIDI to my Novation Super Bass Station, Vermona DRM & ARP Odyssey
2. playing back some samples I chopped up
3. playing one of the plugin synths (these sound great!)
4. acting as a master clock for a sequence my friend created on his elektron A4.

Pretty cool and very intuitive if you've spent any time with an MPC before... stay tuned for more- can't wait for 2.4