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FLAC and OGG file loading and exporting

Shocked positively when installing the MPC software 2.4. You got FLAC lossless soundfile compression and OGG onboard?

Running the MPC Software it seems converting all imported Flac sound files to wav, might be the same for hardware (standalone) usage. It would be great to store autosampled instruments sound files OR/AND any external instrument kits in a compressed format (internally and/or on the disc/SD/USB-stick) to save space. At present the Akai instruments "understand" the OGG and lossless FLAC sound file format, which means its possible to load and convert sounds to standard wav. Thats a good first step for ..future firmware/software updates..

Added: Not quite sure what "16 classic FX by Air.." ..and.. "12 all new FX by Air.." means. Isn't it "28 all new FX by Air" altogether (including 16 classic ones)?