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I’m Frustrated

Force Feature Requests

I would love for Akai to consider a few things in the next firmware update for the Force. One of these in particular is KILLING my workflow and causing me to pull out my hair...

1. When you delete an Audio clip that you record, it purges immediately. I am using the Force primarily for vocal looping, and have some plugins loaded up as well for additional drum stuff in my live set. The limited memory wouldn’t be an issue for me, if it would just purge the sample when I delete it. The only work around has been to load up the same project after I get the memory notification. Purging doesn’t do anything to those recorded audio clips. Really breaks the flow of what I’m doing, and if I mess up vocal loops too much and keep deleting clips it just makes it more frustrating.

2. The option to send a new BPM to the Force via midi note (program change or cc). I understand that you can’t record audio when midi clock is being sent to the device (which is a feature request in and by itself). There is other hardware out there that does this (Ditto X4, Boss RC-202, etc). It is a pain to have EVERYTHING in my rig be able to receive a new BPM, but I have to manually change the Force to the new BPM. I have an iPad sending my gear Program Changes to change patches on my synths and sequences on the MPC Live for each song that I do.

3. Mentioned in request #2... Being able to record audio with midi clock being sent to the device would be HUGE!

Thanks for listening to our requests! If these few things were added to the functionality of this device, for me, this thing would be an unstoppable Force (see what I did there?).
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