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Force Midi over USB to external synth

Before 3.02 update I was able to send and receive midi from Force to my Moog external synth. 3.02 added neat ability to program change, but there you can only select midi port A, meaning only 5-din connection. Without midi din, with USB connection only between devices, I can only recieve midi from Moog to Force, but cannot control the channels. All midi tracks get the notes I play on Moog keyboard. No way to get midi notes from Force to Moog now.

Please add back the ability to use midi over USB as a valid routing option. It is very useful. This way I can use other midi controller on Force thru 5-din. While can connect external sequencer to Moog using it’s 5-din connection. Same time having both way connection between Force and Moog.

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    Since when could you send/receive midi over USB?!i never knew this was possible. And now it’s been removed? My midi sync is still laggy and useless over Din
    • @genetix since I unpacked it it worked fine, until latest. I was waiting until latest to install 3.02. Besides loosing USB both ways, now I cannot send/receive midi over din, while recording audio into an audio track. Screwed.

      I am not crazy though. I was trying to capture for my friend how cool the Force is and recorded a vid on my phone (i am not as good to share on YT) :) But I had my Moog Subsequent 37CV connected to Force just with USB (no din). From keys on Moog recorded into midi track. From midi track sent sequence to Moog, getting audio back to the mix while twisting Moog filters. Worked so neatly! :)

      I like it to work again (this is the reason I bought Force at the first place. To be able have Standalone way to have a groove and midi exchange with my Moog while making sound on the Moog, than build track on devices no computer needed).
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  • Hey Sam,

    Thanks for posting!

    As [GENETIX] mentioned, the previous (v3.0.1) and current (v3.0.2) Firmware builds only receive incoming MIDI from external devices over USB. I'm not sure how you were able to implement this previously, or if there was an additional part of your setup not described above.

    That said, be sure to submit this as a feature request directly to the Akai team for consideration!

    You can use the following links:

    MPC - Submit a Feature Request

    MPC - Submit a Bug Report

    Thanks for your feedback!
    • Thank you for the answer Eliza. As I mentioned to @genetix, I have a video captured accidentally, that has Force and my Moog Subsequent 37 just with a single USB cable with midi working both ways.

      Please talk to developers team to have USB option enabled same way as Midi Port A. Very valuable feature. The links go nowhere for me (also MPC).

      I also cannot record an audio into a track when send midi thru 5-din to Moog and pick-up back to an audio input. I can hear Moog sound perfectly, but cannot turn ON recording on the audio track somehow. Is it not supported in 3.03 also?
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