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Fx considerations and requests

Are you Akai pro team of engineers considering to add more effects and improve the existing ones?
It would be very kind for us.
Here is a list of considerations about the current Live effects.

I really like them. In the beginning I was a bit disappointed by the lack of different slopes on filters but actually they work really good and I like the sound and power.
Distortions work perfectly on any material and I really would keep them like that.

Very simple, very powerful.

Very good delays, tape one is really nice and I like the saturation repeats. Just I don't understand why there is no sync ping pong, but you can try interesting combinations with autopan.
Reverb is the weakest effect of all. It works at low volumes but if you raise it up you clearly hear is mono. No space.

Tremolo is nice, a bit subtle, it is fine with a bit of saturation.
Autopan lacks a width option and different patterns.
It would be nice to have something like a rythmic gate or a slicer, an advanced tremolo.

Very good sound, especially the master comp but it lacks a visual feedback of the gain reduction.
I would love to have a multiband to put on the master channel but I can live with that.

Very weak, especially the phaser. No feedback, no resonator.
Chorus and flanger have resonation but it doesn't shine at all. It's hard to get a slow resonating modulation. I use autofilter instead of them, and I have to say your autofilter is beautiful.

That's it I think.
My request is an improving of modulations and especially a good stereo reverb, a big hall.
A multiband compression, also.

Thanks so much.
Mpc Live is great.
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