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help please with my MPK25?

i bought my mpk25 from a shop as used..there was no disk, I have it lit up now through my pc..i tried to set up by following instructions from on line at akai professional but I could not do it? I am thick,i admit..i thought I could use this like my other Yamaha keys..meaning NO PC NEEDED! I don't use pc for recording..
ok, sorry ..what I need to know is can I possibly find a simple way to set up? plus, how would I be able to add from the mpk25 to my Tascam fx-o1 8trk when recording? do I need a set up disk? or is it anything to do with the previous owner setting it up 1st -and my own thickness? thank you.
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    I would like to help. You can download and use the free Ableton Live Lite software that comes with your controller from the link here You can contact Akai Pro's tech support team for any software authorization codes. See below.

    * Akai Pro World Headquarters (United States Office)
    Support Contact: 401.658.3131
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    • Chris D, I have to change my way of talking like when I say 'nothing' I did follow your link and the page had all the choices but when I chose nothing happened...its really confusing too, when the numbers don't correspond with the right software.ableton was the first obviously to show up on screen but downloading was a different matter.?
    • Hello,

      Sorry for the delay. Contact Akai Pro UK office to help walk you through. I've listed their contact number below.

      Numark UK LTD (United Kingdom Office)
      Support Contact: +44 1252 896040
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