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Reinstalling iMPC Pro

Hello my name is Leon. Anyway because my soundcloud ID keep crashed with impc pro and because of some starting errors, I deleted and re downloaded a app. Because I was afraid of losing all my session that I've made for years, I copied impc folder through itunes to my desktop. After reinstalling app, I pasted copied impc folder from my desktop to ipad. However I lost all my session that I've made. Only thing I have in my ipad is just old samples that I used. Is there any way I can restore my session? Please help me I need that session. :(
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  • Hi Leon,

    Thanks for posting.

    All session data is saved within the iMPC application so deleting the app will also delete all of this information, including sample data. The Samples can be transferred and stored onto your computer using iTunes, but session data cannot.

    Unfortunately, there will not be a way to restore the session data after deleting and reinstalling the app.

    Please let me know if you have any more questions.
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