How do I export a song from MPC essentials into Logic?

So I made a little tune with samples from my MPK mini on MPC essentials, but whenever I save it, it gives me some weird file such as .xpj. I just want an .mp3 or .wav file that I can drag into logic. Just for clarity, I already played the beat I want with my pads, and it is recorded. I just want to move it from Essentials as something that can be opened.
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    The .xpj file is the file format that the software uses to save the project do not delete this file as you will lose the program file for the project you are working on.

    Go to file then go to export, choose the export as audio mixdown, a box will pop up with default settings already chosen for you.

    Keep those settings.

    MPC Essentials does not give you the option to save as an mp3 file unless you upgrade to studio or renaissance, so use the default setting as wav file and the bit depth as 16 and the sample rate as 44.1kHz.

    When you click export another box will pop up, make a new folder and name the folder, make sure you look at the address line to know where you are saving the file to, once you hit ok the folder will automatically be selected for you to save the wav file in it so go ahead and click save now.

    Hope this helps you out.
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