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How do I mute vocals from one sequence without affecting other sequences?

In Song mode- I add Seq 3 with vocals and beat. I would like to mute the vocals in later sequences to play only the beat. When I mute from there it mutes my vocals in all sequences.
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  • Hey Bianca,

    Thanks for posting!

    Song mode is used to arrange the sequences you've already made and build a song - how are you muting tracks?

    Muting an audio track will affect all sequences that use that audio track. It sounds like you have recorded audio to the same audio track but in different sequences. In other words, on Sequence 01, there is audio on the track audio track Audio 001 and on Sequence 02 there is audio on Audio 001. If you mute Audio 001, it will be muted regardless of which sequence is playing.

    Try creating more audio tracks (Audio 002, Audio 003, etc.) and moving the audio for specific sequences to those audio tracks in that sequence.

    I hope that helps you!
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