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how do i record midi in mpc mpk mini

i have a midi keyboard (yamaha) and programed all the sounds and effects with no problem but when create a drum seqeuence and try to record samples and loops from midi in the same seqeuence nothing plays or records pls help
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  • Hey Jerald,

    Thanks for posting!

    Are you using MPC Essentials as your DAW? If so, Drum Programs have a very specific MIDI Layout that is different than most third-party controllers. You will need to assign your keyboard to send the MIDI note values outlined in this guide:

    Akai Pro MPC Renaissance and Studio - Pad Banks and External Controllers

    Once you have the pads aligned with your hardware controls, you will be able to trigger and record Drum Programs from your hardware.

    Hope this helps! Let me know it you have any questions.
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