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How do I use an MPK249 in Mainstage without the default functions for Ableton?

I use an MPK 249, and will be running both Ableton and Mainstage when I perform live. (Seperate, not Rewired). I want to know how to deactivate the default functions of the knobs, faders, and buttons on the MPK for Ableton. I only want to use those functions for Mainstage. For example, I want to use a fader to adjust the volume of a patch in mainstage, but not have it default to adjusting the volume in Ableton. Or I want to use a button (under the faders) to activate a function in Mainstage, but not deactivate a track in Ableton (which is it's default function). Or I want to use a knob to adjust an EQ sweep in Mainstage, but not change the Pan of a track in Ableton. How do I set this up?

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