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How do you map multiple patches of the same instrument in VIP?

So I am mapping instruments to VIP, which has no bindings or profiles, like most of the Kontakt instruments (thanks to the brave souls that posted some expansions online; I really appreciate the hassle you went through, now that I am doing the same).

There are 2 issues: the first is that even with auto-add; the VIP app is able to recognize the instrument (Kontakt), but it does not have a concept of patches or anything else; so if your instrument is relying on different patches, like Ethereal sounds; all that VIP see is "Ethereal Sound". The second issue is that this cause some of the presets to not be mapped to the knobs, so you have to do it manually, and even if you do that; you have to DO IT AGAIN for EVERY single patch, because there is no way that I can see, to actually save the patch setting done once, and say "all patches in Kontakt, that use this instrument, should have these knobs mapped".

Regarding #1 I understand it is a limitation of the software; so nothing will happen until a new version will be released. OR maybe it will never happen, considering the history of updates so far.

But for #2 I assume there is a way. For some instruments, I would like to assign the controls to the knobs, and since they are all the same, independently from which patch you use, like for the Kontakt standard library sounds; I wish there was a way to set it up once per instrument, then add all the patches for that instrument and move on.

Does anyone have an easy way to do this? If you help, I will share the profiles I make, so it is a win-win for everyone.
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  • Hey lumberjack,

    Thanks for posting!

    There are a few tricks to dealing with plugins like Kontakt that have a wealth of presets. One VST can have multiple plugin maps that are saved to VIP's map folder and accessible via the Plugin Manager.

    For example, say you have programmed a control map for one patch and decided that it would suit a whole set of other patches. You can overlay this map for the entire VST by clicking on the three, vertical dot icon to the right of the Learn button and selecting Copy patch settings to plugin settings. This will copy all of the patch settings to the plugin settings.

    If you would like to permanently assign this plugin map to a different patch, click on the patch in the Browser and the dot icon to choose Copy plugin settings to patch settings. Now, even if you change the plugin mapping later, the patch will retain its desired settings.

    Additionally, you can export this plugin map for later use by right-clicking on the plugin name in the browser column and selecting Export Plugin Map. The map will be stored in the VIP map folder and can be imported at any time from the Plugin Manager.

    It's a bit of a work around but will help to expedite the process.

    Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.
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  • Hi Eliza, thanks for the info!

    Honestly I was looking everywhere for tutorial videos; but as usual, the ones that everyone makes are always the same intro stuff, and nobody really dive in into how do you use the software advanced features.

    So let me describe the issue I have at the moment, and maybe you could give me some hints

    I am currently mapping kontakt vintage organ expansion.
    I did import each of the preset with auto-preset, so the controls are assigned automatically.
    Then I tried to make the mapping to my liking, by clicking on learn and then assigning to the PLUGIN section (which has 4 pages) all the global parameters that I would like to use for all the presets for this instrument.

    So I started with the first one, say "C3 Jazz). In the plugin sections I assigned controls to each of the 4 pages (both knobs and buttons, as I see fit); then in the patch section, I assigned other controls, since the plugin section allow only 4 pages.

    For example, on the plugin section I mapped parameters like fast/slow rotatopm. vobratp lower and upper switch, preset rotary encoder, mode and so on; while for the patch I did map the sliders for lower and upper manual (one slider per knob), and the values in the AMP tab, which include velocity, attack, release, rotor, tube amp, cabinets and reverb.

    All is fine; but when I switch to the next instrument; the mapping does not carry over for some of the controls.

    So for example, if in the previous preset I had the first knob on plugin section, assigned to organ velocity; if I switch patch, it will become something else. My understanding was that if you set parameters manually, or modify existing controls via "learn" function, they should carry over for the same plugin, but it doesn't seem to be the case

    I found no option to save what I have in each of the sections (plugin and patch), to be global for that instrument; so I can use the same control assignment for ALL the patches in my Vintage Organs expansion (or whatever the expansion is).

    Do I have to delete all the patches and start all over; by creating the first assignment and THEN import with auto-import the other patches? I hope that's not the case because I did import like 10 expansions, for a total of tens of thousands of presets :)
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