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How I Link Reason and MPC Essentials

Here's how I link Reason 8 and Essentials using Reason's External midi instruments (EMI). Unfortunately you need two audio interface, I use the E-MU 0404 pci card and the NI Komplete 6. I've linked em using spdif. you can link em up via the audio OUT and IN if you want. I use my audio In on the Komplete 6 for my turntable. In Komplete Audio 6 settings set Digital Sync Source to External S/PDIF if using Spdif. I then set the E-MU ASIO in the audio preference of Essentials and had to go through a list of ASIO Outs, Channel 31+32 showed some life. Reason's audio preference is set to Komplete ASIO. I insert an audio channel in Reason and find the input channels that are linked with the e-mu in my case it is the Komplete Audio 6 Input 3 (you can select mono or stereo) What ever I play in the EMI channel will be monitored in the audio channel.
Step 1 I initiate both External Midi Instrument (EMI) in Reason and MPC essentials.
Step 2 I Select MME Akai Pro Internal Midi in EMI, make sure this is turned on in active midi inputs in Essentials.
Step 3 I insert audio channel in Reason and set corresponding inputs
Step 4 load your program into Essentials
Step 5 Back in reason arm your audio channel to monitor and then select the EMI channel
Step 6 Tap away and record your midi sequence. The sequence can then be recorded into your audio channel.
Hope this is clear enough to help all my fellow Reason users.
PS am using the MPD226
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