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How should we use Omnisphere in VIP slot?

When I add an omnisphere patch to f.e. slot 4 of a multi I can't hear a sound because VIP sends notes to channel 4 of the Omnisphere instance.

Am I wrong or does that mean that I always must adjust ALL Omnisphere patches manually to the corresponding midi channel VIP sends through?

The things is that in Omnisphere I see midi notes come in on the multi-channel that corresponds with the channel I picked in my VIP slot (which I did because the keyboard I want to use for that slot is on that specific channel) but all patches only fill in track/slot 1 in an Omnisphere multi. So either I change that track's channel or select a patch in a track in the multi. Either way I have to do manual adjustments for ALL patches I might select or browse in VIP.

I just want to put omnisphere patches in various slots and be able to select which keyboard (midi channel) should trigger notes on that slot.
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  • Hi Valery,

    Thanks for posting!

    If you're using a Multi that is only associated with one MIDI channel, you will need to send to the appropriate MIDI channel. Unless you are sending to all channels (omni), a Multi assigned to a certain MIDI channel will not trigger if not sent to that specific channel.

    Any plugins that utilize layers and sending MIDI on different channels (Omnisphere, Xpand!2, etc.) need to be routed accordingly.

    Even if you take VIP out of the equation, Omnisphere would still need to be assigned a specific MIDI channel in order to function as expected. When you are using multiple plugins that are capable of utilizing different channels, it is important to route everything carefully to make sure your data is going to the proper channels.

    I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.
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