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How to create VIP 3.1 Mappings for IK Multimedia Syntronik and SampleTank 4?

I've installed VIP 3.1 and having difficulty easily adding patches from recent IK Multimedia Products. Is there a process I can follow or does another owner have a map they can share?

So far I am only able (in SampleTank 4) to load one or more instruments in SampleTank 4 and save it as a Multi in SampleTank 4. It appears I can add these Multi's as a preset to VIP 3.1. However, this would be very time consuming to add the thousands of presets to VIP (not to mention creating thousands of multi's in ST4). Is there a file format or something I could request from IK Multimedia to sideload their patches. I sure would love to use VIP the same way I can for SampleTank 4.
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  • Hey Rich,

    Thanks for posting!

    Depending on the VST, VIP may not automatically recognize the preset bank. If you are unable to access the preset browser, you may need to manually load its preset bank. This guide will walk you through the various importing processes:

    VIP - How to Build a Plugin Map

    The Import Bank feature found in the VST's GUI will allow you to load all of your plugin's presets simultaneously. This will save you a lot of time!

    You may also want to consider making a global mapping for your VST so you do not have to edit assignments for each individual preset. You can edit the Control Settings for the entire bank by loading the default preset and selecting Plugin (Patch will apply changes to the individual preset). The guide provided above will cover this process in detail.

    Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.
    • What I learned following the plug-in map instructions was that the only way VIP 3.1 sees SampleTank 4 presets (including in Auto Import mode) is if they are Multis already in SampleTank. In addition, the name is always 'Default'.

      So unless I hear otherwise, I would have to create a separate multi for each of 1000s of patches in order to import them into VIP, and I would have to rename them individually - not awesome!

      I really want to be able to use SampleTank 4 MAX with VIP. Is there some file format I could ask of IK Multimedia to share with Akai and create a mapping file? The VIP file appears to be a proprietary format. I have to be believe there's an engineer on both sides that could hack a workaround. I would pay for it, it's that great to use a VST in VIP!
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