How to download air hybrid 3 with vista...?

Hello i just got a mpk mini production keyboard for my birthday. I installed mpc essentials , and now i try to install hybrid air 3.0.7 but cant because i dont have windows 7 , i have vista. I dont know what to do now???
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  • Hi Sims,

    Thanks for posting!

    While the MPK Mini itself is class-compliant and thus compatible with operating systems as low as Windows XP and Vista, Hybrid 3 will not run or install on operating systems lower than Windows 7. They are not capable of handling the software and thus it will not install.

    I would recommend using a different computer with a supported OS or not using Hybrid. It is possible to use the other sounds and content, without the Hybrid and Wobble plugins:

    MPK Mini MKII - Downloading, Installing, and Using the Sample Content

    Let me know if you have any questions.
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