how to setup reasons with advanced 61
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  • Hi Corey,

    Thanks for posting!

    Setting up the Advance 61 with Reason 9 should be the same as setting up any midi controller with Reason. Please refer to the video provided below for instructions on how to set up a midi keyboard in Reason.

    You can set up the transport and map the controls manually as necessary:

    1) You'll want to set your transport controls to send as CC, which you can change from the Global menu

    2) Find your Preferences and control surfaces menu. Add a new control surface and select "Other" and "Midi Control Keyboard." Set the input Port to the Advance Port 1. Exit the menu.

    3) Start by manually mapping the Play button. To manually map, right click on the software play button and select "Edit Remote Override Mapping." Now hit the play button on your Advance and you will see this accepted by the software. Hit the OK button in the window to exit and proceed to map the rest of the controls in the same instructions.

    I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any additional questions.
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