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How about an Authorize/De-authorize feature on the MPC software for v1.7


I'm a current MPC Ren user currently using MPC Software v1.6. I recently came up with a idea that might have been suggested before. How about adding a "Authorize" "De-authorize" feature on the software as the Apple corporation has with itunes. I find it extremely frustrating trying to load the software a computer and receiving an error message that the number of times that I'm allowed to use the software on multiple computers has reached it's limit and I can't unlock the software to use on equipment I have spent $1000.00+ on. This is super frustrating when this happens on a weekend and I can't reach Akai until Monday morning, which I experienced this past weekend. Not cool at all when you are trying to work on an important project. An added feature such as this would also free up Akai employees from having to take calls concerning unlocking everyone's software and allow them to concentrate on much pressing issues.

Just a thought.

DJ A-Sharp
dmvrevolution on twitter, instagram & facebook.
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