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Hype - Mod Matrix & Custom Wavetables/Editing

I love Hype. So even with no additional features, I find it to be a ton of fun and an overall useful synthesizer.

If either of these features are planned or if feedback is being considered, here's my vote:

* Modulation Options/Mod Matrix
* Wavetable Import and Editing

The macro controls are intuitive and specific to the type of patch you choose to create. I love this idea, and appreciate that it keeps things simple, immediate, and easy to use with the touch interface -- but I don't like the way it treats the wavetables. The only way to scan through a wavetable is built-in and cannot be changed. It's the filter envelope, which means you cannot modulate the filter independently from the envelope that's scanning the wavetable. (nor can you change the wavetable index modulation to an LFO)

I'm specifically looking at wavetables, but really it would be nice to have a mod matrix tab at the bottom of Hype that could modulate stuff in all synthesis types using dedicated modulation matrix envelopes (that give control over ADSR), and LFOs, velocity, mod wheel, and various combinations thereof. But I'd also be happy with deeper editing of the preset macros too. If the macro is related to envelope, maybe allow deeper editing (of a dedicated ADSR and not have it attached to the filter ADSR) with a Shift+Option or something, and/or allow switching between envelope or LFO?

Just a bit more control would be nice. That's all I'm really saying.

Total long shot here. But it would be nice to import, create, and edit wavetables. This giant touchscreen on the Force is perfect for it. Certainly not a top priority for the Force. But the folks at AIR could probably come up with something really cool. If we can't have that, maybe just more wavetables to choose from then! :)
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