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I Browse Splice on MPCX and Only see "BY PACK" folder... Is there a way to fix it?


I have MPC X with installed the new firmware 2.5.0
comes Splice, I've had an account already is all good in that, but once i browse i can only do it "By Pack", i can ́t see "By Bpm" or "By Key" folders.
What can I do to fix this issue?

Thank you
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  • Hello, Beatitude 

    Thanks for posting! 

    If you go to your MPC X settings, scroll down to the Splice section. You will have the option to select the storage location for your Splice samples, Internal or a USB mass storage device. If you select Internal, the Splice samples will be categorized by "BPM," "Key" etc...

    The Force by default organizes samples this way when setting the storage location to internal. If you have a large number of samples and need to use a USB drive as the storage location, the Force will categorize the samples by the pack. 

    Feel free to submit any feature requests to the link below:
    Hope this helps! 
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