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So I know somebody is looking

That bus send system sucks I ask for it to b changed years ago if Akai can check u see I’ve said touch screen before a talk of it four five years ago yes half my list was implemented thanks but that damn bus send system in the software gets on my nerve cause Akai is ten times better than that come on that’s like the mpc 60 days

this is the age of the beast (ren,touch,Live,x)
So being able to route audio and midi better should not even b a issue

We need to have midi channels routed to plugins if we want

Audio routing to any channel or plugin we want

And if Akai wants to do the waves in the grid mode to where u see the waves of the sample inside the block or plan wave without the block

the stretch feature is there already I’m about to hound Akai again I stopped cause I’m like maybe it’s coming next update clip mode this ain’t albelton Live your user mainly is hip hop and they would get the controller Akai made for it if they wanted that

Just a wake up call from a loyal user ive been here since the ren even before that my age was the mpc 4000 which was the beast back then

And then the chords y’all have a chord program on the vip and it don’t match the keys it’s on Akai is buggin for that fix that somebody would not gotten a raise if I was the boss so b thankful lol

I’m playing a e min on a g key
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