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IDEAS. Separate, visible, downscrolling interface for additional looper passes + an FX version or / companion sidechain work around plugin

It would be nice as an additional feature of the audio loop recorder, if after the 1st recorded pass, and for each additional pass, a new / visible lane was created below the previous pass with the ability to scroll down and see each pass. A mute solo delete, button could also be placed on each lane. This would be great for several reasons. In addition to the layered audio on the fly creative workflow, the looper also provides the perfect way to record the perfect take without interruption. Imagine trying to record the perfect guitar take, go after go with the option of playback of the most recently recorded take. -- Basically, an audio track like interface rather than just 1 mixed lane such that we can export passes separately for created mixing etc. For an example, See the following youtube video of the Polar Module in Motu's Digital performer:

Also, whether used for 'perfect take' functionality, or 'layered looping' where all passes were visable such that we could scroll down, the ability to print all or some passes to 'pads, or 'audio tracks' - a la MPC 2.0 Daw, would also be nice.

Furthermore, an FX version of the plugin included henceforth would be VERY well received and appreciated as many of us (EX: Cubase users) are dying for this ability
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