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iMPC 2 Pro - how do I sample from line-in or YouTube?

Aux cable from my iPhone 5's jack to a speaker's output doesn't register as an input so I assume the jack is only an output. How can I sample from YouTube? The app doesn't explain how line-in works.
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  • Hello, Shao

    Thanks for posting! 

    I would recommend looking at this section in the IMPC Pro 2 user guide. You can either use your iPhones built-in microphone or an IOS audio device such as Lightning or class-compliant USB audio gear. IRig for example makes interfaces specifically for IOS devices. You can also use the InterApp Audio instruments option, which will allow you to source audio from compatible Apps on your phone. In your case, you would have to use an IOS interface to source the output from Youtube on a different phone or tablet. 
    Hope this helps! 
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