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Improve Multisample-Instruments Creation and Improvements

Please add the ability to automatically sample VST Instruments as Playable multi Keyzone Instrument. (like Halion)
or / and
a better Visual Mapping Editor
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Setting Keyzons by hitting a key
on the Keyboard would also improve the workflow
select lower note input, play C
Select high note input, Ply F#
Result, Keyspan C to F#
and so on.

Same for Rootkey.
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Another very useful feature is the ability to have a global AMP/Filter section which affects all Keygroups, That way it would be much more easy to automate the Filter since it would be just one filter to automate.
Now you think , hey thats possible with an insert.
Yes but only limited.
For example you want a Filtered sound which Cutoff is modulated by an envelope.
With a effects insert it won't be possible to automate the Filter Envelope amount.
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