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Improved UX layout for main screen.

On the main screen. Where you have the sections for; sequence, tack and program. The selectors for each of those does not have enough room to show the full name of your sequence, track or program. This is a UX flaw that needs rectifying.

Anywhere within the menus that is like this really needs to be fixed. As it otherwise, organising and working with complex songs is more difficult than it needs to be.

I've made a quick mock-up image of a redesign of that screen, so you can see how you could easily have more room for the names of sequences, track or program, and even have more room for extra buttons that you might need in future updates.

I could of made the design a bit more tidy, however it does gives a good idea of an improved UX layout:

I have sent in the request via the software already ;-)
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