I don't know if the title of this feature request is exactly what I'm pitching, lol, but anyway... I would love to see the MPC REN, Touch, or Studio have the ability to assign different time signatures on different pads. Like 1/8, 1/8T, 16, 1/32..etc. That way you could assign a snare or what ever sample you choose, turn on the 16 level and be able to rip out a fresh drum roll without using the F1 keys to change time signatures....Logic has a "NOTE REPEAT" feature and you can actually assign a Hi and Low time signature value and use the Mod will to change timing on the fly! The different time signatures are also assigned to different keys on "piano roll".....Adding this feature and 'SIDE CHAINING" is all I feel the DAW is missing. Some people are hoping for Audio capabilities and that would be cool, but I use Studio One and Logic for that so I'm good! :)
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