MPK Mini MKII - Setup with Ableton Live 9

Acquired brand new mpk mini. Attempting to interface with various windows daws. Have tried bitwig and ableton. Cannot get the keyboard to make sound or record notes. Tutorials and advice found on the web have not been helping this problem. A detailed how to to get this keyboard operating with ableton would be helpful.
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  • Corey S (Official Rep) June 17, 2016 15:19
    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for posting!

    Here's a quick example of a setup with a grand piano instrument:

    On the MPK Mini MKII, hold the PROG SELECT button and press Pad 5 to select the first preset. This is assuming you have not made any changes to the presets with the editor.

    - Open Ableton
    - Go to Options > Preferences > Link/MIDI tab
    - Under Control Surface, find MPK MINI and set the input and output ports to "mpkmini2"
    - Fine the "mpkmini2" input port in the list below and activate Track and Remote

    I also like to set the Takeover Mode to "Value Scaling" but this isn't necessary.

    - Close the Preferences window
    - On the left, select Instruments under Categories
    - Select Simpler > Piano & Keys and double-click on "Grand Piano"

    Now, just press the keys on the MPK to play some sounds. The knobs will allign with the eight device controls for the instrument:

    For more info on using Ableton and it's instruments, make sure to check out their tutorial videos:

    I hope this helps!
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