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I’m frustrated

Is VIP the answer? .....MPC LIVE or X.......3rd party vsts (Kontakt) ...Presets are empty


I love my MPC live but I am having an issue with 3rd party VST's where the VST is available (ie. Kontact) to select but the presets just say 'empty'.

Is this to be expected for 3rd party plugins ? I do not have an Advance keyboard and so Im not running VIP. If i ran VIP would the presets show up on my MPC then?

NOTE: My aim is to be able to select and load 3rd party VSTs from my MPC and not have to use a mouse to select a this possible?

Hope this makes sense

Thanks for an help/support you can provide

Kind regards

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  • Hey Alan,

    Thanks for posting!

    If you find that your third-party plugin presets are missing, you can always reload the bank from the plugin GUI itself.

    To load a plugin preset:

    1. Open a plugin GUI.

    2. Click the gear icon at the right of the drop-down menu for selecting presets.

    3. Select Load Preset.

    4. Use the pop-up window to select the location where the preset is saved.

    It's important to note that the MPC Software does not have a general preset import function. If the plugin GUI does not offer the ability to load preset banks, then you will not be able to access additional preset files saved on your computer. In this case, using VIP could be very beneficial as it has a Plugin Manager that can easily import preset maps.

    Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.
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