Issues with new MPK 261and Reason 8 (keys not working, faders not working, etc.)

I purchased the new Akai MPK261 controller this weekend to utilize with Reason 8 on my Mac and it's not performing as it should. I was able to register the MPK itself but Im unable to register any of the other software that came in the bundle (Sonivox and the MPC software). I've had no registration numbers or passwords provided to me by Akai after my registration for the software bundle so I'm unable to use them. I followed the online set up instructions to a T for the internal hardware and for connection to my mac and Reason.

Here are the issues I know of so far:
-The first two high register keys (C & B) at the far right of the keyboard do not work, no matter what instrument or patch I'm in.
-The knobs and fader's don't work either, no matter what instrument or patch I'm in.

Here's what is working:
-The remaining 59 keys.
-The pads
-The pitch bend and modulation wheel.

Let me know if you have any suggestions. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm really looking forward to utilizing these tools.

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