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I’m frustrated

Just 15MB in one kit on the MPX8

I've bought an MPX8 sample player. In the manual and on this forum I read that I can put 30MB samples in one kit. But I can put just 15MB of samples in one kit. The samples I am using are working great as long I stay under the 15MB.
I also tried to update the firmware, but the player keep saying no file. But I loaded an stereo file and it play's stereo. So it will have the latest firmware.
I made one WAV file 1,5 mb. I tried to load this file in one kit in every pad. After 7 pads I can't load the file in pad 8. In pad 8 it says Sound too large.
So 7x2 mb is 14 mb and not 30 mb. And I tried Audacity or Akai sofware but the problem stays.
What do I have to do to load 30MB in one kit?
Please help. I need the sampler for old school disco and 15 mb is too small.
Regards Marcel
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