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I’m Torn, excited, betrayed, dramatic

Just bought a Squarp Pyramid mk II to replace MPC Live.

Well actually I bought it last week before 2.3. I originally bought it to replace the MPC Live I’ve had since Launch. As someone who was running off of cheap sequencers to play my overpopulated Live rig, the MPC Live gave promise of a new era of ease, detail and control for me. Fastword to now, my passion and fire for the device has long faded and grown cold and frustrated. The midi support and focus on the live elements seem to be second rate. Wait a second though, here comes 2.3?!?! Wow maybe I shouldn’t have bought that Squarp Pyramid. *reading patch notes


This is crazy, the new stuff you guys added; things I never expected, or knew I wanted. I’m definitely keeping this thing.
*gets to end of patch notes

Where is the “midi multitrack.” That’s the one thing I desperately needed on this device and it’s not in this game changing update. I’m sure there is more complexity to it than it seems, however I feel let down and neglected.

Got the squarp all mounted and hooked up to the rig now. While it definitely lacks the wow factor visually this device does some pretty crazy things and pushes some ideas about sequencing.More specifically how that should work in a live setting. All innovative ideas aside, the only thing I needed it to do was just allow me to seperate my incoming midi signals to their correct Channels. I’ve built the rig in the way I have because people seemed to like not just seeing you play, but seeing you play lots of things in tandem, something your machine stands in the way of.

I’ve read the boards, I’m on the email alert list when people have questions and concerns. People have been asking for this for a long time (since launch). Meanwhile Nick D (thank you for your work btw whoever you are) is getting flayed out here in the public square because Akai has yet to make any comment on where the support is or why it’s not out yet.

I’ve got a month left to return the Squarp.
Your move AKAI.

P.S Please add an ability to the MPK249 to change global channel by using some sort of button hold and the 16 drum performance pads. Much like the new hold menu hit a pad shortcut on the live 2.3 update. Thank you in advance for forwarding that part to the request department Nick D. :D
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  • Hey Daniel,

    Thanks for posting!

    I would definitely like to see multi-timbral input added to the MPC workflow. MIDI programs will allow you to send MIDI data out on multiple channels to hardware but MPC will currently receive all incoming MIDI on all channels and apply it to the currently selected program.

    I will update the community if I receive any additional information about inputting MIDI on multiple channels. Thank you!
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