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I’m frustrated

Loading MPC 1000 project causes Live to crash

On MPC Live trying to load certain project file causes the machine to freeze, reboot and show message "Your MPC recovered from an internal error." Also loading the ALL_SEQS&SONGS.ALL file results in the freeze and error message.

The MPC 1000 has the free JJOS installed and the Live has 2.3 firmware and has a 60gb SSD installed.

I have created the project in MPC 1000. The project is supposed to be a live-set consisting of multiple programs and sequences. With samples it is 5,2mb on disk.

I have tried the following:
- Saved the project in to a new folder in MPC 1000 and transferred that folder over to MPC Live, using an OS X and Linux machine to perform the transfer.

- Loading the project from SDHC and internal SSD

- Loading programs separately and eventually loading the ALL_SEQS&SONGS.ALL

Other projects created on the MPC 1000 load just fine, I've tried a 4 or 5 so far, including one previous live set.

Is there a known problem with legacy-MPC/JJOS projects and the MPC Live?
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  • I'm by no means an expert but I would imagine that only projects created on official firmwares would be supported, minor variations in the ways things are handled in jjos could likely cause all sorts of havoc as some of the features you used from jjos won't be present in the new os of the live..

    Like I said I'm no expert but that's my guess..
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  • Hey yksi,

    Thanks for posting!

    As Chris suggested, JJOS was not an official operating system offered by Akai Pro back in the MPC1000's day. JJOS uses different system architecture compared to the MPC's stock OS and I would not really expect projects saved by JJOS to function with an MPC Live or MPC X but it sounds like you've actually had some luck with that.

    If you want to transfer projects from the 1000 to the Live, I would recommend using the projects' content (sequence files, program files, and samples) and loading those files into either the MPC Live with an external storage device and saving a new project or use the MPC 2 Software. If you have those MPC1000 project files on a computer, it may be quicker to highlight everything in the project data folder created with the 1000 and drag it into an empty MPC 2 Software project. Save that project and transfer both the resultant project file (.xpj) and project data folder onto your MPC Live with an external storage device and you should be able to continue working.

    Let us know how it works out!

    Thanks for helping out, Chris!
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