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Logic 10.1.1 Compatibility

Hi just had a lengthy talk with Apple support about my broken logic, (constantly crashes CPU load almost always at 95%+) after lots of testing and using logic without the eie pro driver (3.2.0), logic then works fine, the problem lies with the driver.
So is this driver compatible with logic 10.1.1, i also have pro tools 11.3 on same system and it works fine so for me that tells me the driver is working fine with OS 10.1
I also has novation auto map which seems to be having no issues with logic but don't know if there is a problem with automap and driver (i don't use automap with pro tools).
Any ideas?

System Specs
mid 2011 iMac 21.5"
i5 2.5ghz (sandy bridge)
8Gb 1333mhz Ram
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