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logic pro won't lay drum track with mpc element as a plugin

So, I got the mpc element, and download/registered/installed/updated the mpc essentials software. I use Logic Pro X. When i use the mpc essentials as a plugin, Logic won't actually record the drum tracks I'm trying to record. It has a signal and it records in the mpc plugin widget* ( or whatever the mpc window that opens, is called). I don't know what im doing wrong.
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  • Hello,

    Thanks for the post!

    This is normal. The way Logic routes MIDI is a bit unique from other DAWs in that, once you open the MPC Essentials as a plugin, Logic no longer lets you use the MIDI from the MPC Element hardware for anything else (like recording directly into a Logic track).

    The best work flow is to use one or more instances of MPC Essentials on tracks in Logic (you can flip between them easily with the TRACK up/down buttons) and do all the sequencing in the Essentials interface. Then, when a particular track or tracks are ready to print to audio, use Logic's Bounce function to render those tracks. Or, you could simply export the tracks within the MPC Essentials interface using the "Audio Mixdown" feature and import them into Logic separately.

    Hope this helps!
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