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I’m frustrated

Make AFX touch-strip as good as NI's Kontrol X1 mk2 !

Can you improve touch-strip's mapping/firmware of the Akai AFX so that it gets as good as NI's Kontrol X1 Mk2 ?

I couldn't find in the market a descent compact deck midi controller for Serato. This is crazy, the only actual modular solution is the AFX and it's touch strip is useless as it's only for track zone searching.

The AMX is amazing but the needle-search feature is so slow and inefficient. It's only good for some cuing, and still I'm glad it's there when I see what I get on the AFX.

We need the touch-strip to understand acceleration and be calibrated for smooth cuing / needle-search / nudging or even basic scratching and FX !

If this is not possible with the current hardware, then make an mk2 and add a descent touch-strip and new features.

Either Mk2 or mapping/firmware improvements, if good, will help product's sales for sure.

Make it a killer please ! It's so frustrating right now as except for the touch-strip, this controller is really good !
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