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Memory Expansion for MPC X

Is it possible to create a memory device drive for the MPC X that actually points to the external SD card? With SD memory card sizes in ranges 32GB - 400GB, this approach allows the unit to use resources greater than the current 2GB hardware limit.

For example, in linux OS, there is the md device driver that allows 2 or more devices to appear as a single device to the OS.

Add an option to the Settings panel that tells the MPC kernel to use a percentage of the SD card size as extended memory: 10, 20, 40, 50 (max). When enabled, projects files are loaded to the SD card. And in place of the file names in real-memory would be links/pointers to the real files located on the SD card. Links and/or pointers take are small impact to real-memory resources.

This option enables the "extended memory driver" in the MPC kernel. This options directs the MPC kernel to use this extra "ram" as part of its in-memory file system space.

Consider this idea as a poor man's work-around to the MPC 2GB hardware memory limit.

Akai can recommend specific SD card transfer rates (Mbytes/sec) to use to avoid timing delays when playing the sequences.

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  • Hey Don,

    Thanks for posting!

    Be sure to submit this as a feature request with the MPC 2 Software's built-in feedback module. The feedback module is represented by a smiley icon at the lower right side of the software next to the browser icons. This information goes directly to the Akai team for consideration!

    If you need an alternative method of submitting feedback, you may use the following links:

    MPC - Submit a Feature Request

    MPC - Submit a Bug Report

    Thanks for your feedback!
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