Memory issue with VIP


I have created some Multis for a setlist an a small (4gb ram) notebook for testing. Now, let's say i will start with one Multi containing FM8 and Battery; VIP uses +/- 400mb ram. Then i load a Kontakt-Mutli with a brass ensemble and some strings. VIP uses 1.2 gb then. And so on until to the max. of (+/-) (32-Bit limitation resp. as mentioned i have only 4gb memory). At this 2.4 limit crackling will appear (probably because of memory swapping).
My question now: Is there any procedure to avoid this memory-increasing? Maybe i have overlooked something?
I think VIP should free the used memory if i change a Multi. Otherwise i would have this problem in 40-Multi-Setlist even on a 16gb computer.

Thank you for any advice

Greetings, Hans
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