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Midi ports issue persists in controller mode

Still having this intermittent problem when connecting the mpc x to the computer. Basically I connect the mpc and select all the midi sync ports and midi ports in the software how I wish to use them. This is fine they are set there.

However if I go into the sync options in the machine itself the boxes are greyed out and if I open them the options for the mpc ports aren't there.

Sometimes I have to disconnect and reboot both the hardware and software to get it to work.

Is there a suggestion for this? It's very frustrating and the only time I took the machine out to play it did this and took me about 15 mins to resolve.

I'm very happy with the machine in general I just need to be able to reliably use the machine for a gig. Would 've nice to have the computer as an additional option.

Never any problems with ports in standalone mode that's all solid.
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  • Hey Ross,

    Thanks for posting!

    I have encountered this behavior myself when hosting the MPC Software as a plugin within another DAW and I have forwarded that information to our development team so they are aware of it.

    In the meantime, if the DAW in which you are hosting MPC has an external instrument function with which you can route MIDI data out, you may be able to use that to send data from MIDI tracks to your external MIDI devices.

    I hope that helps you! Thank you for your feedback!
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  • Cheers Nick I'm also still having the issue just using the mpc in controller mode with the software usually rebooting the software resolves it so I am convinced it's just a bug . With the current version of software I just reboot the software and it works ok. Be great if the ports would work when using it as a plug in as well though I must admit the more I use the software the less inclined I am to use my other DAWs.
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