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MIDI Programs not shareable between tracks and / or sequences

I'm on 2.4 and running my MPC X standalone.

When I create a MIDI program within a sequence I set MSB, LSB, MIDI Ch and Program Ch to point at the appropriate synth/patch/etc. All good.

If I create a new track in the same sequence, or a new track within a different sequence in the same project, I may want to use the same program. However when I scroll through the program list to select one the already-tweaked MIDI program I want to use for this track has got the MSB, LSB, etc. reset to the default values (but they're still OK on the previous track/program instance). I have to change them again. And again when I create another track. And again. And so on. A pain.

I've tried using the Duplicate to Track option. The manual says it creates an identical program. This creates a new track for but with default values for the program rather than those I've set.

I've also tried saving the program alone to its own place in the drive. When I load it in to a project it comes with all the default values rather than those I've previously set prior to saving it.

The manual indicates that a program may be used by many tracks within a sequence (I quote "Programs are independent of tracks and sequences, so you can set multiple tracks to use the same program. Furthermore, you can use the same program/programs across multiple sequences.") It doesn't seem to me that it does completely without me having to tweak the MSB, etc, of each instance of the sequence/track/program combination.

Is this a bug or have I misunderstood something somewhere?

Many thanks for your input.
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