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I’m frustrated

MidiMix Studio One Mute/Rec not working

Just got the midimix to work with studio one today. I had to create a new controller preset and also map everything manually but somehow the MUTE and REC ARM buttons are all not working, not even detected by midi learn. I tried it on Ableton and it works well with the LEDs as well.

Any thoughts?
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  • Hey Keigan,

    Thanks for posting!

    If the MIDImix is functioning properly in Ableton, we know it's working so that's a good thing! The MIDImix's buttons can be assigned to either MIDI Notes or MIDI CCs using its editor software. In the image below, I've assigned the Mute, Solo, and Rec Arm buttons in the first column of controls to MIDI CCs rather than MIDI notes. The editor will also allow you to assign a specific MIDI CC value and MIDI channel on which the data will be transferred. Configure the buttons to send MIDI CCs and you should be all set to map them in your software!

    You can download the editor here from the product page:

    Akai Pro MIDImix

    I hope that helps you!
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