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Mixer presets?

How come there are no mixer presets?

Where is the ability to create our own mixer presets?

You know how much time we could save if we can create our own mixer presets?

Who do I have to take out to lunch to get a meeting with the person who can decide to give us MPC X/Live users mixer presets?
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  • Hey Pete,

    Thanks for posting!

    I think an option to configure some presets for the MPC's mixer would be a nice addition to the MPC workflow. In the meantime, have you tried making a template from a blank project? That might help you streamline the process of setting up a project if you typically use the same content across the majority of your projects. More information about using project templates on the MPC hardware can be found on page 334 of the MPC hardware user guide (v2.2).

    In the meantime, be sure to submit this as a feature request with the MPC 2 Software's built-in feedback module. The feedback module is represented by a smiley icon at the lower right side of the software next to the browser icons. This information goes directly to the Akai team for consideration!

    If you need an alternative method of submitting feedback, you may use the following links:

    MPC - Submit a Feature Request

    MPC - Submit a Bug Report

    Thanks for your feedback!
    • Hey Nick,

      Thanks for replying, but the problem is a template is not going to help me like having my own mixer preset would.

      If I sample a kick drum with a felt radial beater I'm going to use a much different compressor and EQ for it than I would with a bass drum recorded with a wood radial beater.

      The same goes for tracking guitars. I'm not going to use the same dynamics and effects chain for an archtop as I would for a Les Paul, Telecasters or Ranger.

      Then if you factor in frequency synthesis and harmonic distrotion models it becomes a much more frustrating issue because that's more time spent getting to those plugins.

      It just would be nice to have all those options available, so I will put in a suggestion. Hopefully they will see the value in adding this standard feature in the near future...
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