MPC 2.0 is a DAW!!

It was announced at NAMM 2016 that Akai are in the process of designing MPC 2.0 software for better workflow with MPC touch and to also function as a daw in standalone mode. This news made my day. I thought I'll add what could make my workflow complete on MPC as a standalone daw and some sampler based ideas too:

1) Sidechain feature with multi channel routing for each track
2) More LFOs(also in audio rate) and a 3rd envelope to modulate pitch for the sampling duties and a mod matrix with many destinations for each modulator
3) Ability to sample-edit the samples in 2nd, 3rd and 4th layers too for effective layering
4) More chords and progressions in pad perform mode
5) 8 effect inserts and 8 sends/returns for pads, tracks and programs
6) No restrictions on minimum sequence length in song mode for changing sequences irrespective of the original length of the sequences
7) Editable multiple takes for audio track recordings
8) Ability to use Ableton as a Rewire slave
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