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I’m frustrated

MPC 2.5 VST crashes in Cubase 10

My PC is an Intel Core i7 based laptop with 16GB RAM running Wndows10 (ver 1809).

Both MPC 2.5 and MPC Essentials run fine on my PC. However, when I try loading MPC VST plugin (i.e. mpc64.dll) in Cubase 10, Cubase just crashes, while other plugins including MPC Essentials can be loaded without any problem.

After re-installing the MPC software and related drivers, I have tried different display resolution/scaling settings, but it did not help at all.

I have also tried a different VST host application, but it ended up in exactly the same manner. So, it seems that the problem is due to the MPC plugin itself. I wonder if the MPC plugin is loadable in my current operating environment in the first place.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,
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