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MPC64.dll 2.3 VSTi hogs CPU, System Resources

Surface Pro3 i7 8GB, 512GB Win 10 64bit
Reaper DAW 64-bit
MPC X 2.3

When running MPC X in controller mode using MPC 2.3 Application, the use of system resources seems ordinary.

However, running MPC X in controller mode using MPC64.dll (2.3) as VSTi in Reaper, the use of resources goes extraordinarily high to the point of CPU thermal throttling!

I haven't seen this happen with any of my other VSTis....yet...
I reserve the right to be wrong about that, but so far only this issue has given me any motivation for me to want to do any sort of exhaustive study.

The high CPU, system resource usage starts occurring the second the MPC64.dll VSTi is loaded onto a DAW track, without ANY audio activity occurring. The high CPU, system resource usage CEASES the second I the VSTi is unloaded off the DAW track.

Highly repeatable: simple open empty DAW project, create track, load MPC64.dll as VSTi on track, monitor system resources with Intel Xtreme Tuning Utility.

The plots below start with MPC64.dll already loaded on a Reaper track. I capture simply unloading MPC64.dll VSTi from the Reaper DAW track and then reloading it back onto the track. No audio is being played at all. The high activity / thermal throttling follows when MPC64.dll VSTi service is running.

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