MPC Element pads flicker and are unresponsive

EDIT: here's a YouTube video that outlines the problems I'm having:

I just bought an MPC Element from eBay and I'm trying to verify if the unit is defective or not.

When I connect the controller and open MPC Essentials, the TAP button blinks, which is what I'd expect. However, when I press any of the main pads, they only seem to trigger the first one or two hits, and then they flicker continuously without actually triggering any samples. The pad view in MPC Essentials also shows a continuous red or yellow outline around the pad that I hit, as if the pad is already pressed down. If I keep pressing the pad over and over, I can sometimes get the sample to trigger again, but it's not reliable. Needless to say it's impossible to actually use this as an instrument in its current state.

Using the mouse to click on the pad view works fine--I can repeatedly trigger samples according to mouse clicks.

Interestingly, other buttons seem to suffer from a similar problem. For example, if I attempt to set the BPM using the TAP button, it always registers a tempo that's much slower than my tapping, as if not all of my taps are making it through. Similarly, I often have to press the STOP button multiple times in order to stop the transport from moving.

Is this a known issue? Could there be a problem with the hardware on this unit?

OS: OSX Yosemite
MPC Essentials version: 1.7.1 (64-bit)
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